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What Guaranteed Delivery means

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If your order arrives damaged, we'll need the following information to assist you:
•    Clear, high-quality photos of the packaging
•    A picture showing the recipient's details clearly
•    A high-resolution photo of all damaged items in one image

If you suspect that your package has been seized, please provide us with:
•    Your order number
•    The tracking number
•    The country the parcel was shipped to

If you receive the wrong product, please provide:
•    Detailed, high-quality images of the packaging
•    A photo displaying the recipient's details legibly
•    A high-quality picture showing all products in one shot

Requests for re-shipping can only be made after 42 days (6 weeks) from the date of dispatch. A new recipient name and address are required for re-shipping.
While delivery seizure is rare, if it occurs, we'll take all necessary steps to ensure a guaranteed re-shipping option for you.

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